Friday, 17 August 2012


A bunch of gestures/ sketches (kind of a grey area sometimes) from the zoo and starbucks... also a bit of a grey area.

Ring Tailed Lemurs

unidentified turtle

White Rhino

White Rhino 02

Coffee enthusiasts

Coffee enthusiasts 02

Monday, 6 August 2012

This one definitely doesn't give honey...

Continuing the Venetian thing from the first post... I painted this awhile back but didn't post it because the bottom right had saturation issues, but I recently found the PSD so I was able to modify it! Go digital tech! (okay.. I admit it... I probably could've fixed the jpg...)

As a side note, when I was looking for reference for the pistol, I was really surprised at A) that angle from barrel to handle is WAAAY more subtle then I would've thought and B) there are a surprising amount of variations of these pistols, and I'm not just talking fancy lion etchings.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Some hives just aren't for honey

 Just a couple hours in an attempt to jaz up an old drawing. Im starting to dislike line work in favor of paint/tone. Just feels a lot less... liney (these bits of wisdom are why I don't bother with twitter).

As a side note, I have been life drawing since the last figure drawing post, so soonish I'll head back to the TSA and do a few to post to show some progression!

Edit: It was bugging me so I added a border and upped the contrast on the image a bit.