Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Girl with the Puppy Backpack

  A quick sketch from my lunch break. Long story short, I'm working on a better "cartoony" style for myself, I don't like how Ive been drawing this kind of content to this date. But I do like how this turned out a lot and I'm going to try to develop the style further from this point!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Painting the Second

Okay, I'm a bit behind pace, this one took me longer then I thought.

This was inspired by a documentary I was watching called "Human Planet". In one episode it showed a group in Mongolia that use golden eagles to hunt their food. The coolest part was an image of the father and son riding their horses across the plain while having the eagles perched on their arms.

In this case I decided to amp up the size of the eagle and change the horse to a Muskox, I wanted some cool horns, what can I say?

Process below!

For the next few paintings I was thinking of trying a close up on the riders face, I've been wanting to try a portrait anyways.

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Painting month, 1st post!

So the goal from today (Jan 12th) until the release of Dead Space 3 (Feb 5th), is that I'm going to do a painting a day. The reason for this is that I really want to spend some time playing with different Gamuts, brushes, etc.

In the spirit of the end date, the release of Dead Space 3, my first painting is a giant monster. Rawr.

1.5 hours - alwaaaays in Photoshop.